Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldLUCKY MEETS THE KID – 14 Mins

We’re taking it back to when Lucky O’Shea first met the Kid at FetishCon and challenged him to a bedroom pro battle…and it’s pretty damned epic!!!   We’d LIKE to say that Lucky got in some offense here, but it turned out to be a pretty intense squash, with SK at the helm of some serious attacks/KOs!

A nice throwback here from SKW, going back to the first meeting of SK and Lucky O’shea. In fact the rematch of the battle has already been released titled “A LUCKY REMATCH”, which didn’t turn out any better for Lucky. If you ever seen Lucky play the jobber role before you know what you’re getting here, except for this was before someone told Lucky to roll her eyes for the KOs and we found out just how amazing see is at giving us those beautiful full white eyed reactions, but everything else that makes Lucky an amazing jobber is in full effect here. Being shot in a hotel room isn’t my favorite thing to see, because it removes some move options that can only be done in the great space of the mat room, but SK still delivers a great beatdown with a nice array of moves. Lucky also looks great in her red and white striped outfit and the long open toed socks is a nice touch. Unable to do some of the more traditional finishers, SK uses the hotel trashcan, or maybe ice bucket, doesn’t really matter, it’s a foreign object and SK uses it for the final KO, which works great for me. I’m a huge fan of Lucky, always exciting to watch her get squashed and she still comes through, even without the white eyes and battling in a hotel room.

Overall Score: 9/10