Review of Lucky Goes Down!

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Review of Hit the MatLucky Goes Down! – 6 mins

Look who is back in the HTM ring!  Lucky returns sporting black Cleto Reyes lace up boxing gloves, and some sexy tight Clubber Lang shorts.  Lucky declares this her ring, but right from the start, she gets her bell rung!  Lucky eats jab after head snapping jab, hook after hook, and stumbles around the ring as she is getting beat.  Add in some belly shots on the ropes, and when she’s on her back, and even a few low blows!  Lucky is completely dominated and defeated, with even a little eye crossing!

Lucky O’Shea is back! That only brings a smile to my face. It’s so rare that people who disappear from the business ever come back and Lucky was one of my favorites that I really hated to see go, but now she’s back and will hopeful stay around and do like a grand tour, visiting all sorts of places and making great content. She starts here at HTM and will be at FWR early Feb, with hopefully much more to follow. This POV though is just like the perfect teaser for Lucky’s return as it is only 6 mins and after missing Lucky all this time, 6 mins is just not enough to cure the itch. However, it is a good 6 mins as you can imagine. Lucky hasn’t lost a step in her time off and sells the hell out of this POV beatdown. She starts off cocky, but ends up out cold, with all the attitude changes and selling reaction that make Lucky so beloved in the first place. So, yes this is a great vid and yes you should buy it, but damn does it just leave you wishing it was longer.

Overall Score: 9/10