Review of LPAW Worldwide Championship Wrestling

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Review of LPAW WRESTLINGLPAW Worldwide Championship Wrestling (Episode 1) – 12 mins

Get ready because it’s finally here. The 1st episode of the new show LPAW Worldwide Championship Wrestling. What is it? It’s a brand new show which features a match with ladies of the LPAW roster going up against talented lady wrestlers from the outside trying to get on the main roster! Are the LPAW ladies the favorites in these match ups? Of course, but they still have to come out and perform! Jocelyn has been starting to get on a little roll lately. She has been looking very good in recent match’s and has improved so much. She looks to get a win in what has to be the biggest match in her career. She will face Effi, who has 0 wins and reletively no experience on a big stage, but she has some skills and she can definitely try to pull of an upset. We are not sure If Effi can do it, we doubt it, but Jocelyn has to take this one seriously or she could slip and anything can happen! Splashes, reverse bearhug, scissors galore, chokes, a sleeper, an awesome boston crab and a PILEDRIVER you have to see to believe ends this match for good!

Got another LPAW video, this time from Clips4Sale, as they have a few more options over there. This one is much like the last one I reviewed, it’s highly competitive, with lots of back and forth action, both girls are rocking that great one piece, boots and knee pads pro style look that I love, the submissions moves all look pretty good and there’s a piledriver ending with a leg hook pin. I don’t really have any complaints about any of this, but at the same time, in my opinion, its nothing too exciting about it either. Again, don’t mistake me, the girl’s performance is good, the action is well paced and it ends with a KO and pin, all those are good things. I’m just ready to see a squash match or a multi KO video.  That’s just my jam, and I’ll be really excited when I find that video from these guys.

Overall score: 8.5/10