Review of Low blow hardcore

Review of Lady FightLow blow hardcore – 16.5 mins

As you guys know LadyFight videos don’t come with a written description, so I’ll sum this video up quickly before I get into review. Luna and Lora square up for a fight, Lora is apparently some kind of fighting champion and Luna is here to take that title. Luna absolutely dominates Lora from beginning to end. It starts out with a few punches then changes to almost entirely cuntbusting. Lora is KO’d several times and sometimes is unable to be woken up no matter how much Luna stomps on her crotch. Eventually, Luna tries of her domination and takes claim to her clear and obvious victory.  

Lady Fight is continuing to be quite the impressive production. At this point I have watched a good number of their clips and I continue to be happy with the turn out. Lora continues to be an outstanding actress and their best jobber, in my opinion, but Luna is no slouch in any way. The vid in question in a total squash and all about cuntbusting. I am not the biggest cuntbusting fan, but when it’s done in really good way I can easily enjoy it. This one is done in a really good way, if you haven’t guessed. Luna is super brutal to her much weaker foe. Lora gets bloody and knocked out early. Luna continues to poor on the damage that has Lora dropping in an out of consciousness, mostly out of consciousness. Lora consciousness had very little to do with how much Luna attacks her, as she continues the onslaught even while Lora is out cold. This cause some great ragdoll reaction and a little bit of twitching too. I also love that Lora though some strappy heels would be the right footwear for this fight. It’s also amazing that Lora seem to have no problem getting tossed around wearing heels.  That’s such a good thing for me because I love to see a jobber getting a beatdown in heels, it’s normally not all that practical and kind of dangerous, but it awesome the she can do. I hope they continue to make great videos like this and hopefully one day I’ll get to get my own custom from them as well.

Overall Score: 9.9/10