Review of Sensually SavageLOVE GONE BAD – 19 mins

Love and Betrayal go hand in hand as Coco and Sparrow are enjoying a little tender time alone wearing only bras and panties.  One is a Hit-man, and the other is not whom she claims to be as a cover is inadvertently blown.  Lust gives way to retribution in the form of sleeper-holds, belly-punching, head-slamming, low-blows that leave the victim spasming uncontrollably, mixed with revitalization in the form of sensual fondling and deep kissing.  Just when it seems the Hit-man has her girl at her mercy, suddenly pangs of guilt and love give way to a reversal of fortune…  In a desperate attempt to turn passion to advantage, low blows, sleeper-holds, and choke-holds mixed with sensual stroking, groping and kissing, the long arm of the law will extract it’s payment.  Will justice be served?  Will crime pay? Or is all as it seems?

Coco and Sparrow in one vid, there is absolutely no way for me to lose when a video stars my personal favorite girl, in Sparrow and another top favorite with Coco. And I’m also lucky enough that this was one of the SSP more savage videos. Sure there’s some sensual moments, but most of this one is one of these two lovely ladies brutally kicking the crap out of the other. Sparrow is the first to feel the pain, as Coco finds out that she’s not who she’s been claiming to be. And it’s a pretty great beat down too, with some nice OTT moments, which of course Sparrow does oh so well. One of my favorite things from this, aside for the obvious, was this choking/tongue out/kissing thing, where whoever was in control would choke the other forcing some tongue protrusion and then they would kiss, that’s pretty sexy to me, in both sensual and savage way. Then it’s Coco’s turn to take a beating, after she couldn’t go through with ending Sparrow. Sparrow, of course, being the spy that she is, lulls Coco into a false sense of security, before extracting some revenge from the glorious backside of Coco. Again we are treated with some more brutal beatings, and for someone who gets her butt kicked a lot, Sparrow definitely takes advantage of being on the other side of a match for once, she’s cocky and arrogant and does it all very well. Coco is also excellent on both sides of this video, which really goes without saying. They also both look great in their thong bikinis, and that’s really got to be one of the best parts of SSP being a thing, getting to see girls like Sparrow and Coco in thongs, even though you can find them doing that elsewhere, it’s still nice to have it here, doing this. Overall, this is two of my favorite girls selling some savage beat downs, with some over the top reactions. Which is just wins all around in my opinion.

Overall Score: 9.9/10