Review of Lose Consciousness, Lose Clothing

Review of DefeatedLose Consciousness, Lose Clothing – 26 mins

Amirah is dressed in a sexy red flannel top, a tight mini skirt and Laced thigh high, high heel boots and she stands across the room from a gentleman, who doesn’t plan on being very gentlemanly with her. Without a word he’s on the attack and before she can blink she’s trapped in to an over the knee backbreaker and he is aggressively grabbing at and rubbing on her pussy. There’s nothing she can do as she moans in pain and forced pleasure. Soon however she’s passes out and he released the hold. She twitches while she sleeps and the gentleman, removes her shirt before he wakes her up for more punishment and forced pleasuring. This is a the pattern that goes on for the rest of the video. He locks Amirah into several submission holds, while grabbing, rubbing and pinching her tits and pussy until she passes out, she twitches during every KOs, the first KO havening the most twitching, as getting less and less from there as her body gives in to the beating and he removes an article of clothing during every KO until the only thing she has left on is her sexy high heel boots. Even after being completely stripped naked This gentleman, continues is physical and Sexual domination for a few more KOs until he is final satisfied with is destruction of Amirah.

Back with new Defeated action for you guys and with this video comes some news. Defeated has moved. Not too far from what I’m told, but they have indeed changed location. I was also told not to fear as we won’t be losing our old Defeated favorite roster members, but just gaining some new faces, like Amirah here, who are literally limitless on what they are willing to do. So with that, let’s get into the video. This is quite the first impression video for the lovely Amirah. A one sided squash match, that could be called sensually savage, but really is just savage as the man with no name brutalizes and abuses the tiny fighter. The most important detail of the beat down for me is that it’s filled with KOs, Amirah is knocked out just about 10 times in this vid, probably just short of 10 times. I think every KO has some twitching to it as well, which is also a huge detail for me. It also looked like Amirah can do some nice eyerolling too, but it wasn’t really captured in this vid, maybe next time. Also her outfit, is great. Extremely inappropriate for a wrestling match, but something tells me she wasn’t planning of fighting today. And even thought her outfit didn’t stick around long, I loved that her boots did stay on. Videos with no bare feet at all are definitely on the rarer sided of things. And lastly, the aggressive sexual groping, not normally I think I look for, but the “gentleman” with no name did it while he had Amirah in holds, which worked well for me and he definitely seemed to be enjoying himself. I’m not sure which part he was enjoying more, knocking her out, stripping her clothes off, or grabbing at her private parts, either way he carried an evil smirk on his face throughout a lot of this. Overall, as long as we don’t lose our old Defeated favorites, I can get used to some “no limits” action like this. I really liked Amirah here, I look forward to seeing her in action again soon.

Overall Score: 9.5/10