Review of Look At Me Charlie!

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLook At Me, Charlie! – 11 mins

We join Madison in the ring looking especially tough in her black leotard and boots. She explains how she LOVES to wrestle smaller girls and give them a false sense of hope by allowing them to put some holds on her early in the match, only to escape and destroy them! Enter cute little Charlie. The girls circle and Madison lets Charlie take control with a head lock, snap mare, and a reverse head scissors. Suddenly the tables are turned and Charlie’s scissor hold is reversed and the shocked girl finds her head trapped deep inside Madison’s strong thighs! Madison then toys with the girl by putting her through body slams, carries, corner beatings, a camel clutch, a Boston crab, a torture rack, a tight front figure four head scissor, and a standing head scissor. Madison constantly forces the girl to look into her eyes as she dominates her and enjoys her superiority. The end comes with a knockout stunner and a sweet schoolgirl pin on poor little Charlie.

More Charlie squashes, yes please. I am really enjoying watching the so cute and little Charlie getting dominated. This one is even better the most because Madison lets us in on her plan of letting Charlie have control for a little bit. Of course Charlie quickly starts getting confident and talking trash when it all comes crashing down and Madison takes full control. I have noticed some improvements with Charlie as expected, most importantly her eye are open much more often while she’s  struggling, which is good because Madison makes Charlie look at her a lot in this vid and would be a little weird if Charlie had her eyes closed. Also this outfit fits Charlie really well in all the right places, probably my favorite outfit for her thus far. Madison, again, is a great bad ass. Her style and physique really helps her fit that role well and her trash talking/intimidation in this case was great. And Madison can still job with the best of them. Anyway, I’m loving Charlie as jobber, she’s good now, but I know she’ll keep getting better, even better than this and I can’t wait to see her when she’s really got her selling down and perfect

Overall Score: 9/10