Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldLIVE STREAMED DESTRUCTION – 25 mins

In this Live Stream matchup, Sumiko enters the mat-room decked out in a tiny black vinyl bikini set with matching collar, and gloves, hair done up in pig-tails.  As she shows off her outfit, she thanks the fans for tuning in for their favorite wrestler.  She takes requests from the viewers who ask her to spin, stretch, answering and trash talking her next opponent. As she jaw-jacks, Takaiji stalks in behind her, listening to Sumiko run her mouth and Takaiji’s new “animal based” move-set before being taken down with a surprise low-blow from behind! Unimpressed, Takaiji hauls Sumiko into a seated sleeper hold, her powerful grip making Sumiko squirm and writhe as her eyes roll and cross before at last going still.  Flopping her over onto the mat, Takaiji pulls her legs back in an inverted scorpion leg lock that makes Sumiko scream and grit her teeth in pain.  Sumiko refuses to quit and after a long while, Takaiji hauls her to her feet only to yank her into a cross-face chicken-wing, making Sumiko yowl into her forearm as Takaiji cinches the hold in for further punishment.  Finally, Sumiko passes out on her feet and Takaiji takes a moment to rag-doll her around before dropping her to the mat. Sliding in behind her, she then wraps Sumiko into an anaconda hand smother, making the tiny Asian yowl again, the moans muffled by Takaiji’s Amazonian hand. On and on the punishment continues as Takaiji uses animal based attacks and holds like the Boston crab, camel clutch, dog-walking her, inverted bearhug, octopus stretch, modified dragon sleeper, frog splashes, scorpion cross lock, anaconda vice grip, and finally ending it with a tombstone piledriver, before folding Sumiko over for a humiliating crucifix pin, counting out the pinfall with slaps to her upturned butt. After taking the victory, Takaiji has even more humiliation in store for the battered and beaten Sumiko, lifting her over her shoulder and taking a victory pose flex as she dangles unconscious, then tying her up and writing a final humiliation on her body.

It maybe be a weird time for all of us, but one thing does remain the same and that is, it is always great to Sumiko in a squash match. This time it’s Takaiji running Sumiko through the wringer as she intrudes on Sumiko’s live stream, just to put the bratty girl back in her place. Even though this beatdown is filled to the brim with submission holds, I love that just about every submission leads to a KO. That makes things much more enjoyable for me. Also, the KOs wear on Sumiko, so by the end she’s pretty much just a practice dummy. The squash ends with a great tombstone piledriver and a sexy pin that really puts the nail in the coffin for Sumiko, but it doesn’t end there, as there is a little bonus humiliation with a hogtie and Takaiji leaving a little note on Sumiko’s belly for whoever finds her there to read and know what happened. Overall, although not an OTT beatdown in anyway, Sumiko squashes are always a wonderful treat.

Overall Score: 9.5/10