Review of Liv Meets Peyton

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLiv Meets Peyton – 11 mins

Liv is an out of town model who has managed to score a wrestling tryout with FWR, courtesy of her friend, Daisy. As Liv awaits Daisy in the studio, she’s surprised when Peyton comes walking in instead. With an evil smile, Peyton informs Liv that she took out her best friend and fully intends on kicking her ass too. Liv tries to make an escape, but Peyton pulls her back in. The adorable but oh so evil Peyton proceeds to follow through on her word, picking the innocent Liv apart and attacking her all across the ring. She knocks the poor girl out with a high bear hug then wakes her up to pound on her belly in the corner. Liv manages to get the offensive with some of her own impressive holds but is quickly derailed by Peyton. Peyton finally knocks Liv out a second time with a tight sleeper hold then prepares to finish her off. Peyton grabs a chloroform rag but Liv manages to snatch the rag away from her and stuff it in her face! Liv takes the pin and victory pose in a surprise win! But as she’s posing over Peyton, our local fan favorite beauty starts to stir causing Liv to beat a hasty retreat! Peyton tries to follow her and climbs out of the ring only to collapse on the carpet! You’ll LOVE seeing Liv in action and we hope to bring her back to FWR in the near future!

Although Liv is unfortunately not a new local member of the FWR roster, I have once again got to hand it to Rick and crew for doing another great job giving us a first impression of a new wrestler. I really liked how this match went, with Peyton coming in, out of nowhere with plans to kick this new girl’s butt. And things go according to plan for a little while. Liv soon turns out to be a little more of a handful then Peyton expected. Still managing to stay in control for the most part Peyton cockiness bites her again as she tries to chloro Liv for the final KO, only to have it reversed on her and therefore loses this impromptu match. I think Liv did a great job in this vid, both winning and losing, although mainly losing. Peyton of course, is a fan favorite for a reason, and I really loved that this beat down blew up in her face. I also really loved when Liv noticed Peyton waking up and got the hell out of there as fast as she could and the half conscious Peyton trying to chase her, only to pass out just outside of the ring. That definitely counts as an extra KO for me and of course makes for a great final scene. This was a good vid, with a nice bit of story, a good sequence of events and an excellent outcome. I too hope to see Liv back at FWR soon, maybe Peyton will get her revenge or may she will fail again trying, who knows.

Overall Score: 8.5/10