Review of Liv Learns a Lesson

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLiv Learns a Lesson – 16 mins

It’s a pretty simple premise but the outcome is spectacular! Poor Liv makes the mistake of coming late to a meeting with Becca and Peyton. When the visiting beauty skips into the dressing room she’s confronted by our resident bad girls, dressed in their black bad girl fighting clothes. The next 20 minutes are filled with two on one domination. Poor Liv is punched, kicked, and knocked out over and over again. Sometimes by either Becca or Peyton and sometimes by both of them. The tough girls pound on Liv in the dressing room then take her next to the ring where they strip her out of her fancy dress. They tie her arms behind her and toss her in the ring where the beating continues. In the end, poor Liv is hog tied over the ring ropes with Becca and Peyton confident that she’ll never be late again.

This video brings back wonderful memories or the great and brutal beat downs we used to get some what regularly of the lovely Sasha Fae. Just like a number of those videos, Liv shows up dressed completely inappropriately for wresting, with a dress and heels on, only to end up getting a one sided beat down of a lifetime. And also just like those old Sasha videos, this one too has some bondage involved. This one is super brutal too, lots of punches, kicks and knees are used to KO Liv repeatedly.  I think Liv did a wonderful job here selling this in a way that would make Sasha proud of she ever saw it. Becca and Peyton of course are fantastic merciless heels, dishing out a beating Liv won’t soon forget. I love this video not only because it’s a brutal one sided beat down, but also because the outfit is something we don’t get to see often, especially with heels and also because this was for me a heartwarming reminder of the amazing Sasha Fae.

Overall score: 9.9/10