Review of Little Mina is Knocked Out and Played With at the Office!

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Review of Funhouse ClipsLittle Mina is Knocked Out and Played With at the Office! – 5 Mins

Little Mina is one tough boss lady that don’t play around but when her employees fall behind in work she doesn’t find that to be funny one bit. So here she had Bob in her office to get verbally disciplined once again and he was not happy about it. That’s when he came back up behind her made his sexy little boss lady sniff the stink finger to send her off to lala land. Once he had her how she should be it was time to have some limb play revenge on her after all the she put him thru. He even talked some junk as he was feeling her up and bending her over the desk for some dry humping action. Now it’s Bob who is the boss and Mina is just his play thing. He lifted her up and carried her around like she was a doll as he continued to have fun with her limp body. Hopefully when she wakes up she doesn’t remember what even happened or this dude will be fired for sure!

More Funhouse action with one more with Little Mina, because I love this little Asian hottie. This time she’s the office boss who gets the dreaded “smell my finger” KO, the funniest way I’ve ever seen to KO someone. Then some quick limp play action, a quick carry, a little of checking the arms and face, some dry humping, before her employee makes his getaway. It’s simple, it’s fun, it’s over before I could even thing about being bored. It’s the limp play version of “wham bam thank you ma’am” and there’s not much I can say, or complain about that.

Overall Score: 8/10