Review of Little Mina in K.O. Limb Play

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Review of Funhouse Clips Little Mina in K.O. Limb Play – 5 Mins

Little Mina is so awesome to her fans! She was having a webcam show for them and talking all about her vacation while she was just relaxing and wearing some sexy see thru lingerie. Plus those knee high socks looked so damn cute on her as well. Well, little didn’t Mina know she wasn’t alone in that hotel room of hers as there was someone behind her the whole time hiding behind the bed. So while she was going on and on about how awesome her vacation is and what she is planning to do next, this guy jumps up behind her and pops her over the head with some type of massage pillow. The way Mina just falls back, eyes rolling up and her tongue hanging out of her cute little mouth was priceless. She was totally knocked out. Of course this was the perfect opportunity for her intruder to have some limb play fun with her. That is when he lifted her back and forth to play around with her, even having some fun with her head moving it all around. Of course Mina was off to lala land the entire time so this was perfect. After moving her all around on the big bed it was time to remove those socks of hers to see those feet. Not long after that Mina finally wakes up and has no idea what happened to her socks and why her head hurts but that is all good with us!

Got another quick Funhouse clip for you guys here, this one starting the lovely Little Mina, introduced to me from her one video at SKW. This a nice simple limp play vid with some added tongue protrusion for fun. Little Mina gets a quick bonk on the head, gives a nice reaction as she goes out. Limp play is here is very good, picking Mina up, showing off her face, playing with her arms and legs, removing both long socks, I’m happy with the limp play in this video. Only one KO in this video, Mina wakes up the end wondering what happened to her socks. It would be better if she was KO’s again or stayed out for the ending. I really liked the outfit she had on, with and without the socks and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more clips with Little Mina.

Overall Score: 8.5/10