Review of Little Mina in Creepy Limb Play

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Review of Funhouse ClipsLittle Mina in Creepy Limb Play – 8 Mins

Sexy Little Mina was having a chill day for herself at the crib; unfortunately there wasn’t anything on TV so she started to get a little bored. I’m sure we could think of some things to keep her busy but that isn’t the case for today as Little Mina was feeling sleepy so of course it was perfect timing to take a nap in her big chair. I don’t know about you but I think a mini dress is just perfect for her to wear on a day at her house. And if you look close enough you can see those pink polka dot panties on under her super short mini skirt. It didn’t take long for Little Mina to fall asleep and before you know it someone was peeking into the window at the front door. I wonder who it could be and what would he want. Well good thing the door was unlock as this creepy ski mask wearing fella known as Creepy Bob made his way in to see what Mina was up too. Well it didn’t take long for him to figure out that she was sleeping. That is when he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder for a little spin in the living room. He then laid her down over him for some limb play fetish fun. It’s amazing how much fun Creepy Bob got away with while Mina was sleeping. From limp fetish to foot play it was a fun afternoon for them!

Some more limp play with Little Mina in this clip from Funhouse. This one shows off just how deep Mina can sleep, as with no added KOs Mina gets carried, her legs placed with, shoes removed and legs and feet lotioned. This one, at only 8 mins feels just about the right length. The carry is pretty quick then the rest of the time is focused on her legs and feet, we get some really nice upskirt shots too. The lotion thing is a new idea to me and I think it works well here, giving extra reason to play with her legs. Creepy Bob make his way off just in time for Mina to wake up. She shrugs off the new position and smoother legs as the video ends. With no KOs there’s nothing for Mina to sell, which is a bit of bummer. The limp play is pretty good and of course Little Mina looks great. So, overall, a pretty good sleepy/limp play vid.

Overall Score: 8.5/10