Review of Little Mina & Fifi Foxx in 2 Hot Girls, Wrong House

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Review of Funhouse ClipsLittle Mina & Fifi Foxx in 2 Hot Girls, Wrong House – 8 mins

We just love it when random girls show up to the house looking for a friend of there’s to party, too bad for them they don’t get the help that they are looking for. This evening we had Little Mina and Fifi Foxx show up to the crib and when they asked for their homegirl I told them she was definitely not here but we would help them of course. After being a bit creepy and flirting with them I think they were getting the idea this wasn’t going to end up well so of course they wanted to leave but before they could leave I had to introduce them to my cousin, you know him as Loco. When he came running out to meet them both sexy girls fell right down to the ground in shock as they were off to lala land. Now it was time for Loco to have some limb play fun with these 2 sexy limp girls. He didn’t waste anytime as he lifted up blonde bombshell Fifi to play with her for a bit and enjoy all her sexiness. After he put her back down to the ground, he lifted up Mina to have some fun with this Asian hottie. Loco couldn’t help himself as he just had to bend her over and dry hump that booty of hers. Now it was time to move them back down to the ground before they wake back up and figure out something might have happened. When they did wake up, I told them it was just all a dream and they should get going now. Hopefully they’ll believe me!

Haven’t done some Funhouse reviews for a little while, so why not pick it back up with some more Little Mina. As some of you may know I have been loving Little Mina since her visit to SKW where her over the top selling stole my heart. I really wish I could get more of that from Funhouse, as their pretty lighthearted and funny videos would suit well for more over the top action. But just seeing Mina KO’d is still a good thing. This one here is a simple jump scare KO for Mina and Fifi. I don’t know Fifi, but she’s cute and with some really nice eyes, I would like to see what else she’s done. The street clothes is another plus, especially Mina’s cute pink and blue sneakers. We get some limp play, of course, as cousin Loco picks each girl up and plays with them a bit. The dry humping for some reason always makes me laugh, but it’s good limp play as their arms and head dangle with each pelvic thrust.  Then when Mina and Fifi wake up, they’re told nothing happened, they fall for it and just leave, again causing me to laugh out loud. The only thing this vid really needs is an opportunity for the ladies to sell the KO. The quick jump scare and fall to the ground is just not enough for me. I’d like it if the get the jump scare, do some big dizzy selling and then fall. Just that would make a video like this just that much better and wouldn’t mess with Funhouse’s quick and simple video style.

Overall Score: 8/10