Review of Lisa’s Dastardly Plan

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLisa’s Dastardly Plan – 20 mins

Our series entitled “The Investor” and “The Investor: Part Two” features Peyton wrestling to keep her job at FWR. The series is a custom story that inspired another customer to write his own script that features Lisa, a tough little scrapper, recruiting Summer and Renee to help her destroy Peyton. Lisa’s objective is to impress Becca, one of the investors, so she can become a major player at FWR. Peyton isn’t afraid of the three rookies and immediately attacks them in the ring, sending them scrambling! But it’s obvious that three against one isn’t the best odds and although Peyton eliminates Summer and Renee, they find ways to attack her outside the ring! Lisa cheats throughout the match, even bringing in a black jack that nearly finishes poor Peyton off. But our scrappy brunette manages to kick out of Lisa’s attempted pins and in the end gets the three count to win the match! But while Peyton is addressing the camera to send a message to Becca, the three rookies ATTACK and totally destroy Peyton, leaving her unconscious in the ring. You’ll LOVE this match!

Although not an exact continuation, the story line from ” The Investor ” carries on with this video and much like in the previous videos Peyton shows off some more of her super human abilities… well for most of the video at least.  Starting off, Peyton showing no fear about her three on one situation and although challenged and nearly defeated several time Peyton goes on to one by one eliminate her three foes. There was a pin or two out of the three that I thought, “well that was too easy”, but nonetheless the less it was action packed and really fun to watch as Peyton overcame this seemingly unwinnable situation. But even though Peyton might have won the battle, she certainly doesn’t win the war. As Peyton brags to the camera about being unstoppable or something along those lines, Peyton’s three foes finally decide to fully work together and destroy Peyton. This for me is the absolute highlight of this video. Summer, Renee and Lisa, as the ringleader, dominate Peyton, ending her super human streak, knocking her out cold, posing over her, even ragdolling her a bit and then leave her humiliated in the ring in an incredible scene that you may have to see to believe. This was a very awesome video, with an ending I can’t even explain how much I loved, but I feel this story won’t end here. Either Peyton will seek revenge, or Maybe Becca will put Lisa in her place, or maybe something more creative them my lame ass can think of. Either way, I think there will be more to come and I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Overall Score: 9.9/10