Review of Linda Boxing Champion

Review of DefeatedLinda Boxing Champion – 19.5 mins

This boxing video consists of several short boxing matches all featuring Linda Sweet as she challenges a few different members of our roster. Match one is Linda vs Meryl. The ladies stand side by side as Meryl is instructed to remove her belly button piercing as it may cause her harm. Linda uses this distraction to her advantage, hitting Meryl hard in the belly and then adding several more punches that quickly KO Meryl. Meryl lays out cold with her tongue out for a bit before she is woken up. Once back on her feet Meryl complains that Linda cheated. Linda answers with a big uppercut on the again distracted Meryl KOing her again. Meryl is again woken up, but before getting a chance to get up Linda punches her in the face, again KOing her. Next time Meryl wakes Linda is standing behind her, punching her in the back of the head as soon as she’s back on her feet, once again putting her back out. Linda takes a quick victory pose before Linda punches Meryl in the belly causing her to sit up, only to punch her in the face again for yet another KO. Linda plays this game with Meryl sever times before letting Meryl get back to her feet. The dazed Meryl is low blowed and after writhing on the mats for a while finally goes out. Linda, the actual boxing champion, take a final victory pose while Meryl is literally licking the mats. Match two is a topless match with Linda vs Lilith. Lilith tries to get a few punches in, but she is easily dazed and soon KO’d by Linda. Lilith wakes up ready to try again, but this time is locked into a headlock and punched in the face until the cameraman stops Linda. Lilith is dropping on the mats with her butt in the air. Lilith makes it to her feet for the again, this time she jumps on Linda, but before she can land a punch Linda beats Lilith off of her with several punches to the face. Lilith is dropped to the mats again and Linda adds a few more face punches to make sure Lilith is out for good. Match Three is Linda vs Janelle. Linda dodges Janelle’s first few punches and counters with her own until an uppercut to the tits backfires on Linda as Janelle’s massive natural boobs swallows Linda’s whole glove trapping her hand within their cleavage. Janelle takes full advantage of Linda’s situation punching her in the face repeatedly until she is KO’d. Janelle shoves Linda’s face deep into her chest for her victory pose before letting her fall to the mats, out cold. Round two, Linda stays far away from Janelle’s breasts and uses only face punches and a few low blows to KO Janelle. Round three, Janelle tries to be the aggressor this time swinging wildly at Linda only to be countered and knocked down. Linda hops on top of Janelle and punches her in the belly until she’s KO’d. Linda wakes Janelle by tapping on her face and this time KOs her again by punching her in her now exposed tits. After Janelle is out Linda pinches and pulls on her nipples as payback for her previous entrapment, confirming herself again as boxing champion. Linda takes a victory pose and leaves Janelle out on the mats. Match four is Linda vs Elizabeth. As our boxers are introduced Linda takes a cheap shot KOing Elizabeth. Elizabeth tries to stay awake, writhing on the mats, but soon goes out, crossed eye and tongue protruding. Round two, both fighters are ready this time and they both dodge a few of each other’s punches before Elizabeth lands a belly punch and an uppercut KOing Linda. Round three, this time they decide to go punch for punch, both boxers taking punches that almost KO them, until Elizabeth dodges and uppercut that definitely would have ended the match and counters with a punch to the knee that drops Linda. Before Linda can get back to her feet she is trapping in a headlock and is served several brutal punches to the top of her skull. Elizabeth, intent on finishing this match up for good rips both her gloves off and chokes Linda with her bare hands. Elizabeth then finishes her in a way none of us could have ever expected, in a way you have to see to believe, but let’s just say your clear winner is The Queen, Elizabeth.

More Defeated reviews for you guys and this is a big one. Not really by length, but in content and this is the first time we get to see boxing action from Defeated. I know they did a lift and carry vid with boxing gloves on, but that wasn’t really boxing action and this one really is. There are four short matches in this vid, all of them have multiple KOs and they all star Linda. Linda doesn’t lose a match until she goes up against The Queen in the final match. Thankfully it wasn’t a flawless performance like Linda had vs Meryl and Lilith, so we get to see some of Elizabeth selling and she did fantastic with some a great over the top KO. All the KOs are not over the top, but a few have some tongue protrusion. All the matches also had something memorable about them too. Linda cheated vs Meryl using some dirty tactics in order to dominate her. She totally dominate little Lilith until the cameraman has to stop her. She got her hand stuck in Janelle’s big naturals and then beaten until knocked out. And of course the over the top KO vs Elizabeth, but also a Mortal Kombat style fatality at the end. This video was like a boxing sampler video, Defeated just showing off a bunch of the girls selling some really great boxing action and they all did really well. I look forward to more boxing action for Defeated and I hope they continue trying new things and putting their creative touches on them.

Overall score: 9.9/10