Review of Limp Training

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Review of Constance’s Crazy CinemasLimp Training – 18 mins

Constance & Misty use different KO methods to teach you to properly be limp. Perfection with the totally limp limbs, eyes rolled all the way back into head. Total ragdolling, breathing deeply when inhaling toxic fumes, rolling the eyes, mouth opened and many more.

This is a really cute idea, done in a pretty simple way. Constance and Misty simple trade KOs willingly and the kind of critique each other on their selling methods. I really like this idea and I think more could be done with it, like the outfits, I thing Misty’s was ok, but Constance’s robe just covered too much, or the way they sold it, here they sell it kind of over dramatic, but it could be done with silly KOs or of course over the top KOs and one other thing that could be done with this idea is the setting, her they are sitting on the couch and the KOs are on the couch too, of course, but I always prefer KOs to end on the floor and that could be another way to make this video even better. I did like the KOs used and a limp play involved. There were lots of nice close ups even though some of the eye checks didn’t really let us see their rolled back eyes. Both ladies sold well and Misty is just adorable and a bit of dork, in a great way. Again, I think the idea behind KO/limp play training is great, this one is just the simplest way of doing it.

Overall Score: 8/10