Review of Limp Rookie Spy in Tiny Bikini

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Review of Kayla ObeyLimp Rookie Spy in Tiny Bikini – 10 mins

Kayla’s first day as a rookie spy isn’t going so well, not for Kayla anyways. She wears her tiniest micro bikini, hoping it will help her sneak undetected. Kayla is repeatedly taken out by the invisible baddies as she makes goofy faces, eyes rolling while she fights to stay alert. Pummeled on and taken out countless times, Kayla has had one rough day on the job.

This may be breaking news for some of you guys, but the one and only Kayla Obey is back to producing videos, although at a lesser rate than before. So she’ll be coming and going as she has to the time to produce content for us. This of course is great news for all of us, because I think I speak for all of us, when I say some Kayla is better than no Kayla. That being said, you know we got to have a spy demise vid, it’s not a gun down Kayla vid, but it’s still agent Kayla going through a series of unfortunate events. We get all that great Kayla selling we love to see and there’s even plenty twitching, as most KOs have twitching, but not crazy twitching, more gentle twitching. And she really does have one of the tiniest bikinis ever made on, which is super sexy and looks excellent at every angle that we get in this vid. Speaking of angles, we do get plenty of great angles here, were Kayla again put to shame some people who actual have camera operators and don’t give us this many good shots. Overall, great to see Kayla back in action and I love to see her in this bikini doing some KOs and twitching for us.

Overall Score: 9.5/10