Review of Limp Knocked Out

Superheroine Movie

Review of Bratty Ashley Sinclair & Friends Limp Knocked Out – 10 Mins

This clips contains three different scenes of Bailey Paige being knocked out or fainting and then up skirts of her pretty panties and beautiful pussy. During the last scene she is knocked out by a photographer until she is completely limp and then undressed by him and photographed while limp.

A very simple vid her, but also done very well with another of my favorite tiny girls, Bailey Paige. It’s just as simple as it sound, it’s just four short scenes with Bailey getting KO or passing out on her own. The selling for the KOs aren’t really anything special, she pretty much just falls over. The limp play is a little on the short side too, the last scene has the most where Bailey gets stripped down. The other scenes she just falls out of her shoes, wakes up after a good look at her body then get KO’d again. Each scene Bailey plays a different character, in a different outfit and with a different attitude. All the outfits are great and the characters are great too. It’s nice simple clip, with some really sexy KOs and Bailey is just awesome.

Overall Score: 8.5/10