Review of Limp Detective, Jacquelyn Velvets

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Review of Torvea FilmsLimp Detective, Jacquelyn Velvets – 19 mins

Jacquelyn Velvets is a detective sent to investigate her missing partner. A man walks by without stopping and activates a gas trap. She’s instantly groggy and finds it hard to stand in her over the knee boots. She doesn’t realize that he’s an evil scientist working on a new experiment or that he’s hiding and ready pounce when her eyes roll back. Wearing a mask, he cradle carries her and she’s too weak to fight back. Bringing her to his laboratory, she’s wobbly on her feet and drowsy but he offers an escape challenge. If she can reach the door she can run away. When she tries to crawl, he brings her to her feet, but she can only stumble. Without making progress, she falls limp in his arms with her mouth agape. Laying her on the floor, her body twitches until she slowly awakens only to be gassed as he grabs her from behind. Challenged again, if she can stand, she can leave. Her leather gloves try to remove his firm grip, but she’s too weak and goes to sleep. In and out of sleep her eyes roll,  she’s delirious and twitchy. Her phone awakens her with information that her partner was taken by the evil scientist. Jacquelyn admits that she’s with him and she can’t fight. As she asks for help, he returns. While knocked out, he tells the caller that she’s busy. Time elapses and she tries to escape, but encounters the Baddie. He lets her choose to run away or to stay and try his experiments. She surprises herself with her answer and stumbles to the floor in bliss as the whites of her eyes show!

So, without knowing it I was apparently in a Jacquelyn Velvets in peril kind of mood, as I have picked another really great Jackie clip, this time coming from Scott Torvea. This clip does have all the sleepy stuff I love to see from Miss Velvets, there’s a ton of KOs, which of course means lots of amazing eye rolling. I love that Jackie has in some sexy thigh high boots and a mini skirt. But this clip does add a few very nice details to your everyday sleepy vid recipe. For one, there is twitching. Now I’m not taking about some crazy OTT Sparrow like twitching, but just some nice light twitching while Jackie tries to fight the darkness. I love twitching in any form, so that is automatic plus points from me. Next there is a lot of half consciousness, which adds even more eye rolling, as Jackie tries to stay awake or when Scott doesn’t put her all the out with his KO methods. And the last part is whatever Scott has been giving to poor Jackie seems to have made more obedient, or maybe just start enjoying the feeling of being KO’dm so in the end Jacquelyn actually KOs herself, even though she was given the option to leave. Roll all this stuff together and you get one kick as sleepy video, starring one of the best things to happen to the sleepy fetish since chloroform. I definitely want some more sleepy vids with just a little bit of twitching.

Overall Score: 9.5/10