Review of Lilith Shuts The Queen Up

Review of DefeatedLilith Shuts The Queen Up – 19 mins

The Queen Elizabeth enters the mat room, again claiming that she can’t be beaten and the only times she’s ever beaten is when someone cheats against her, whether with weapons, or poisons or something else to give them the edge against her, but when she’s not messed with, she’s unbeatable. Lilith walks in, apparently she’s heard enough of Elizabeth’s rants and has come her to shut The Queen up once and for all. Elizabeth isn’t scared of Lilith, she says that Lilith is skinny and weak and wouldn’t stand a chance against her. Elizabeth welcomes the challenge, telling Lilith to bring it on. Right away Elizabeth takes control, with a side head lock and a few punches to the gut she floors Lilith. Elizabeth gives Lilith another chance, letting her stand up, but again The Queen over powers Lilith, this time using both hands to choke Lilith, but Lilith isn’t going down without a fight, she returns the favor choking Elizabeth right back. Surprisingly, Lilith’s choke is having more effect on Elizabeth and soon Lilith is able to roll The Queen off of her and finish choking her out, while all Elizabeth can do is twitch wildly. Lilith slaps Elizabeth back to consciousness and Elizabeth springs back to her feet, claiming that Lilith just got lucky and she will show her strength now. Elizabeth again takes control, dragging Lilith to the mats and putting her boot across her throat. Lilith again bests The Queen with a quick open hand jab to the throat, Elizabeth is stunned and Lilith gets the chance to lock in a Cobra Clutch. Again Elizabeth’s reactions are well over the top as she is again choked out by Lilith. From here on out Lilith completely dominates The Queen, KOing her again and again with a wide array of moves, like headscissors, “Hell’s Gate” choke outs, Sleeper hold, Mandible Claw and a final heart stomp KO. All these moves KO Elizabeth after lots of twitching and eye rolling. Elizabeth is left twitching and drooling, spread eagle in the middle of the mats several times, as well as being stripped of her top and left KO’d and topless. Lilith also brings into question, what is Elizabeth the Queen of anyway, queen of looser, or queen of jobbers. Maybe after this unexpected crushing defeat, The Queen might be asking herself the same question.

Some more incredible Defeated action for you guys and this one has my finger prints all over it, Elizabeth getting dominated, she’s wearing boots, there’s tons and tons of twitching, as well as all the other outstanding over the top reactions that I love so dearly, but surprisingly, I had absolutely nothing to do it, not even a little. This is like someone dove into my mind, pulled a script out of there and gave it to Defeated for me. It’s like a free custom! And one of the best parts of this, minus the over the top reactions, there’s nothing more important than that, but secondly, is these outfits. Defeated does a ton of videos where the girls are in bikinis or lingerie and barefoot, but finally, oh finally, we get some kind of footwear and jean shorts. That is absolutely amazing to see. I love having some kind of shoes, or boots or sneakers on my jobbers so I couldn’t be happier to see Elizabeth donning boots in this crushing defeat and the jean shorts on both Lilith and Elizabeth are a much welcomed change. Now I think I should talk a little bit about the actual video too. First of all, I love this set up. I love when Elizabeth comes in talking about how she’s the best, no one can beat her, calling herself The Queen, but she’s always cheated and that’s the only way she loses. I love that, every time. I love just how over the top Elizabeth was in this, really twitching like crazy, beautiful eye reactions and plenty of tongue protrusion, she is arguable the best jobber at Defeated, top 2 without a question. And I love the moves Lilith used, not only the way she was able to escape Elizabeth’s early attacks, but later using some very great looking submissions, like The Undertaker’s Hell’s Gate to KO The Queen. And of course I love that Elizabeth is stripped out of her clothes, pinned, given one more kick for good measure and left twitching in the middle of the mats. This is one hell of an awesome video, I wish I could say it was mine, but maybe it’s even cooler to know that someone out there loves the crazy over the top stuff just as much as I do.

Overall Score: 10/10