Review of Lilith gets Knocked out by Janelle’s bearhugs and scissor holds

Review of DefeatedLilith gets Knocked out by Janelle’s bearhugs and scissor holds – 9 Mins

lilithJanelle Vs Lilith, one-sided wrestling match. Janelle uses scissor holds on the poor 18yo Lilith, that can’t escape from her long legs. After she gets weakened, Janelle takes her in Bearhugs to finalize her opponent. Lilith can’t escape and slowly she slips into unconsciousness.

More Defeated action for you guys and more action from their newest cute little jobber, Lilith. This time being dominated by Janelle. Janelle makes it look just as is as we can imagine, over powering Lilith right out of the gate. From this point forward Janelle does whatever she pleases, while Lilith struggles hopelessly to escape her mighty grasp. It’s a total joy to watch Lilith giving it everything she’s got to get free, only to end up out cold on the mats, yet again. Even with two tops on, those big beautiful naturals of Janelle’s work their way free quickly and we get little nip slips all over, which is accustomed and welcomed to every Janelle video. It is a pretty short and simple domination, but still a lot of fun for me. Still need to see Lilith in a ragdoll situation, to kick things up a notch, that’s what I’m really waiting to see next.

Overall score: 8/10