Review of Lights Out for the

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Review of Kayla ObeyLights Out for the Holidays – 5 mins

A sparkly ornament catches Kayla’s eye. She bends down to pick it up and put it back on its proper place on the tree. The shine and glitter takes hold of her mind and she becomes mesmerized. Little is she aware, you’ve placed your spell on the golden ball and now she is under your control. She proceeds to admit that she’s been naughty this year and will make sure she makes herself limp for you. She punches herself in the jaw, getting dazed, eyes rolling before slumping to the ground. Her eyes roll and she twitches before being lights out. She struggles back to her feet where she gives herself a nerve pinch. Her body writhes as her tongue sticks out and eyes roll. She falls face first, ass up. Dragging herself back to her feet where she’s struggling to stay in control, she does a temple drill on herself, twitching and finally falling limp to the floor. She punches herself in the belly while she’s down, moaning and twitching. She stands up, still under your powers, and says she will be your good little limp toy.

Going back a little bit for this sweet little Kayla vid that she released just before the holidays and this one really is a sweet one, especially for me, as this one is kind of like my custom, “SKW’s Audition Tape”, but this one has a mind control aspect to it, as mine was Kayla showing off her selling skills for SKW. Other than that and the different outfits, they two videos are quite alike. They both have Kayla performing KOs on herself and selling those KOs with OTT reactions. This video is not as OTT a mine was, so this is kind of like “my custom lite”, since it’s much shorter too. So it’s a smaller, less crazy dose of nice Kayla KO action. Of course, since it is so much like my custom, that makes it pretty obvious that I loved it. From the shiny thong one piece, the boots, the KOs, the KO poses and of course the OTT reactions make this video is excellent for me. A nice holiday treat from Kayla and another awesome, sexy video.

Overall Score: 9.9/10