Review of Light vs Dark

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Review of Kayla ObeyLight vs Dark – 10 mins

Kayla describes a series of fights against a masked opponent. Kayla wakes up in a daze on her back, wearing a light bikini and high socks. She slowly sits, rubs her jaw and clutches her stomach, as if just realizing which parts of her body hurt. Her stomach is really sore so she ends up doubled over coughing before dragging herself up and stumbling away.  She describes how she was matched against a masked opponent, who was very equally matched in terms of size. In fact, she could have been her twin under that mask! She continues to describe the fight in detail. She’s been matched in a series of fights with this woman, next time she plans to be prepared. Kayla describes two more fights against the opponent dressed in black.

This is the kind of videos from that I just can’t get enough of from Kayla, this is the simple and excellent style of video that made me fall in love with her an keep coming back for more. If you’ve ever seen her video titled the “Aftermath of Three Fights”, this basically its sequel and better than the original. This time Kayla is a series of matches versus a masked girl. Spoiler alert, Kayla gets her butt kicked twice, but destroys the masked look-a-like in their third meeting, which of course we only see the aftermath of and get told what happened by Kayla as she describes the match’s events. I love the aftermath idea, love watching as Kayla slowly wakes up, struggles to her feet and weakly carries herself off the mats, but the best part is the last one, where her masked opponent tries but fails to get up. After taking such a beating she keeps passing back out and even twitching a little. I can only hope to get many more videos like this, it’s my favorite video since Kayla has made her return.

Overall Score: 9.5/10