Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldLIA LABOWE vs THE VAMPIRESS – 17 Mins

LiaWe fade in on agent Lia Labowe… breaking into a house she believes fellow agents Avery, Sumiko, and Saya targeted before their sudden disappearance (in AGENTS vs THE VAMPIRESS).  She makes her way inside only to get attacked with a series of blows to the face… all from an invisible attacker!  She fires her gun wildly but the punches keep coming… followed by an invisible sleeper hold that slowly knocks her out!  We see the evil vampires appear (played by Jacquelyn Velvets) and take a huge bite that drains Lia enough so she can be teleported to her mat room.  It’s here that the vampire proceeds to toy with the now bikini-clad agent, knocking her out repeatedly until she’s ready to use special will-draining bolts from her fingers to slowly turn her into her personal slave.  After a final bite, Lia is dragged off to a holding cell to join her fellow agents!

More great action from Lia’s well overdue return visit to SKW. This time she falls to the mighty Vampiress, whose amazing blue eyes are just as hypnotic as her spells. As per usual, Lia is totally destroyed by the Vampiress, as she is beaten with invisible attacks, actual hand to hand attacks, lighting coming out of the Vampiress’ fingertips, she even uses the force to KO Lia and all topped off with of course a vampire bite. There’s great action that makes for plenty of KOs and some nice visible and invisible limp play. This vid is just got tons of great special effects, with teleporting, people disappearing, lighting fingers and using the force and it all look really good. Lia sells all this madness with ease and just looks so great. Jacquelyn has way too much fun playing with her victim and I still can’t get over those contacts. I feel like SK was practicing some of his magic editing tricks and it turned in to this really fun and awesome video.

Overall Score: 9.5/10