Review of Lia Labowe vs Ashley Wildcat: Fantasy Boxing

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Review of Ashley Wildcat ProductionsLia Labowe vs Ashley Wildcat: Fantasy Boxing – 12 minsLia Labowe is getting tired of Ashley Wildcat’s constant vows to kick her ass, so now it’s time to put up or shut up in a fantasy boxing match! Even though they’ve laced up the gloves that doesn’t mean this will be a clean fight; neither fighter can resist throwing opportune knee strikes and following her opponent to the ground for brutal mounted punches. Mixed with some vicious trash talk from both parties makes this a fantasy match for the ages! Ashley starts the match off strong but it isn’t long before Lia finds herself in control, battering Ashley’s belly and making the Wildcat eat her words. The match also includes some POV action as you witness what it would be like to be punched out by Lia and Ashley!

It has been forever since I reviewed a vid from Ashley Wildcat, but she does a lot of vids that aren’t of great interest to me and also she almost never loses, which is such a shame. But this video is something that is of great interest to me, as I do love me some fantasy boxing, especially when there’s some great trash talking involved. And Ashley does lose in this one, in fact this one gets a little one side before Ashley is finally put down and out for the count. I of course got to hand it to Lia for being awesome in every way, as she always is. She goes toe to toe with Ashley not only physically, but verbally as well. A better match, I could not think of. I love these outfits too, lots of tone bellies and long socks with converse sneakers, really couldn’t be much happier about the clothing choice. The action is really fun too, the rules of boxing don’t really apply here, with some knees thrown in, hitting while they’re down and even a little fighting while they are both on the ground. There’s plenty of knockdowns along the way and a great final KO. As I mentioned this one gets a little one sided before it’s over, so there is a lot of dazed and silly reactions from Ashley as she fights to stay in the fight. There’s also a near KO in there and a great big uppercut for the final KO that sends Ashley flying. I’ll never truly understand why we don’t see Ashley losing more often when she’s so damn good at selling it, but I was really happy to find this vid and hopefully those of you that check this out will love it as much as I did.

Overall Score: 9/10