Review of Let’s Play a Game

Review of DefeatedLet’s Play a Game – 24 mins

Valerie and Stella walk in to the mat room together. They talking about how no one else is here and they have no one to fight. Valerie asks what should we do. Stella says. Hmmm… I have an idea, let’s play knockout!  Valerie asks what is knockout. So, Stella explains that they will go back and forth knocking each other out and the first girl that can’t be woken up is the loser. Valerie thinks it’s a crazy idea, but still agrees anyway. She adds, I’m way tougher then you anyway so this will be easy! Stella says, you think so? I’ll let you go first. What follows is a game where both Stella and Valerie willingly allow themselves to be KO’d by the other. They both pick every different moves that all end with an eye rolling, tongue protruding KO. After each KO they are woken back up for their turn. As the KOs pile up, some clothing comes off and they both start getting harder to wake up and a bit more dazed each time. Stella is clearly able to shake off the KOs a little better then Valerie. Soon, Valerie is too tired to perform the moves right, she can’t KO Stella anymore, she can’t even stand on her own anymore. Stella takes full advantage of this as she hasn’t won the game yet and starts to dominate Valerie with a few KOs until finally Valerie won’t wake up anymore. Now that Valerie can’t be woken up Stella makes sure Valerie is out and then she pins Valerie and them poses over her. So much for being so tough, huh! Says Stella as she proudly leaves Valerie defeated and humiliated in the middle of the mats.

More Defeated action coming at you guys and this one is a nice spin on the back and forth KO battles that we see all the time, from everyone. In this one not only does Valerie and Stella allow themselves to be KO’d, but they continue until one of them can’t be woken up any more. Not only do I love the willing victim aspect, but of course I love that Valerie eventually becomes a ragdoll. She does a really get job selling the weak and exhausted parts. I love her attempts to get back up after Stella wakes her, but she fails, falling back over. That was really great to watch. Stella of course does a great job selling her KOs and taken full advantage of Valerie when she gets too weak to carry on. It makes sense to me that Stella would win a game like this, I mean she gets beaten up so much that she’s clearly built up an ability to recover from KOs. She shook off the KOs here like they were nothing, but still sold the crap out of them on her way down. Anyway, I love just about everything about this video, from the KOs, to the trash talking, to the ragdoll ending. The only thing I didn’t love was their beginning outfits, but since the clothes started coming off pretty early into this one, it’s not a big deal at all. I definitely hope to see more Defeated girls play this game of knockout, I think there’s a lot of fun ways this kind of game could go.

Overall Score: 9.5/10