Review of Let’s Fight for Him

Review of DefeatedLet’s Fight for Him – 26.5 mins

Stella is standing with Lilith, Stella starts a rant about Lilith’s boyfriend and how he was looking at her during their last match because she is so much better than her and he deserves to be hers. Lilith doesn’t have much to say, but is clearly not going to stand for this nonsense much longer. Stella suggest they have a fight for him, but before Lilith can say anything Stella drives a knee deep into her gut. Caught off guard Lilith folds up in pain and Stella takes advantage of the opportunity, commencing a beat down on Lilith. But Stella is just too cocky, after a KO and ten count leg hook pin, Stella could have left the victor, but instead she decides to strip herself and Lilith down to just their panties and go back for seconds, but Stella takes too much time trash talking and gives Lilith the opportunity for a low blow. After the low blow it’s revenge time for Lilith and she makes sure to get all of it, giving Stella quite the memorable beat down. After Lilith’s KO and pin, she chooses to ragdoll Stella for a while, adding insult to injury. Lilith applies several painful holds on the still out could Stella, who can only moan in pain and twitching, but is otherwise lifeless. Once satisfied with her destruction of Stella, Lilith finally takes a well-deserved victory pose.

Back with more Defeated action for you guys and this time we got Lilith taking on Stella in the classic “girl fight over a guy” type of match. At least Stella has chosen to fight over this guy before she had him cheat on Lilith, I guess she gets some brownie points have that. The match itself isn’t too innovate either, but with Lilith and Stella all the moves are sold well and performed well. Lilith comes out on top and we get a great ragdoll ending, just like we got in the Lilith’s match vs Meryl, where Lilith was the victim. I love these ragdoll endings, I think it makes a lot of sense to have a match end this way, because even though Stella got a pin fall over Lilith, she ended up being the ragdoll in the end and you just can’t talk you way out of that one, you definitely lost that match. Well, maybe Elizabeth could talk her way around it, but she’ll just act like it didn’t happen. Overall, it’s a clean and simple wrestling match, with a ragdoll ending and some over the top selling. Nothing to complain about here.

Overall Score: 9/10