Review of Let’s Box!!

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLet’s Box!! – 17.5 Mins

PeytonPeyton and Maryjane enter the FWR studios for a friendly wrestling match. The girls banter back and forth about who will win, when Peyton notices some boxing gloves on the ring apron and says, “Hey, let’s box”. The girls continue to joke back and forth about who the better boxer is while they glove up. They enter the ring, continuing to laugh and joke with each other. Maryjane backs Peyton into the corner and starts delivering belly punches. Peyton laughs and says take it easy. Maryjane keeps the punches coming, claiming they don’t hurt, as Peyton’s smile fades from her face. She pushes Maryjane off, asking what are you doing, but Maryjane just pushes Peyton back in the corner for more belly punishment! It doesn’t take long for Peyton to slump to the mats in to corner, exhausted from the nonstop belly punches. Maryjane playfully caresses Peyton’s tender abs then continues the beat down. Peyton suffers through countless belly punches in the corner, hanging in the ropes, bent over Maryjane’s knee, in a clinch with Maryjane, and even laying on the ground.  Maryjane trash talks Peyton throughout the beating, teasing her and enjoying dominating her! Eventually Maryjane gets bored with the belly boxing and remembers that her and Peyton came to wrestle so she strips off the gloves and attacks the weak Peyton with a mounted head scissor! Peyton is exhausted from the belly beating and can offer only mild resistance as Maryjane flips her over for a second headscissors, this one knocks Peyton out. Maryjane finally grabs Peyton’s ankles and folds her in half for a humiliating matchbook pin! Peyton feebly struggles during the 10 count, but she’s so weak that she passes out just as Maryjane finishes her count. Maryjane claims herself as the winner, as she poses over the unconscious Peyton. We hope Peyton gets a chance to even the score! 🙂

Got a little “best friends, better enemies” thing going on with this one. I like how they come in laughing and talking trash, then a soon as Maryjane gets a little taste of domination, she decides she’s rather destroy Peyton then be her friend. It’s a very nice boxing beatdown that is solely focused on belly punches. Now, I’ll admit, I’d rather have a focus on face punches, but it’s a Peyton destruction and no matter how that happens, I’ll be happy with seeing Peyton destroyed. Also, we do get a lot of different positions, which definitely make this better than if Peyton was just hanging in the ropes or in the corner. Great selling from Peyton too, really looking exhausted and weak, and that’s just for the boxing section. At the end, we get a little wrestling action, two nice scissors on the already defeated Peyton and a nice sexy, humiliating pin. I liked that Peyton was a little conscious for the pin, her weak struggling is great. It’s a total Peyton destruction, whether boxing or wrestling or both, Peyton is always a pleasure to watch.

Overall Score: 9/10