Review of Let Me Be Your Pet

Review of DefeatedLet Me Be Your Pet – 4 mins

We find Lilith pleading with Shaman to let her have the mind controlling mask instead of Dee. She claims that she is more submissive and loves mind control, so therefore will be a better pet for Shaman. Shaman seems to agree. Dee, having no idea that Lilith has swayed Sherman’s loyalty, brags to him about how she will destroy Lilith with the power of the mask. The match begins and Shaman plays the stand in referee again. Right away, Dee uses the mask to choke Lilith dropping her to her knees, but before anything can happen Shaman steps in trapping Dee from behind, breaking her concentration, setting Lilith free from her control. Before Dee can figure out what’s happening, Lilith punches her in the crotch repeatedly, while Shaman holds her in a full nelson. Dee drops to the mats in pain, giving Lilith the chance to remove her mask. Lilith not needing the mask just yet, punches Dee in the belly a few times. She then puts on the mask and forces Dee to snap her own neck. Lilith thanks Shaman for letting her have the mask. They leave Dee, broken, defeated and unmasked.

Got some more Defeated action for you guys and this short vid continues the story from “Dee Tests Her Mask on Lilith” as you guys might remember, Dee’s power got a little to her head and she turned the power of the mask against Shaman. Of course, Shaman planned his revenge against Dee. His plan is to put Dee against Lilith again, but this time turn on Dee and give the mask to Lilith and that’s exactly what happened. At first Dee starts to take control of Lilith again just like last time, but before things get too far along Shaman steps in, freeing Lilith from the power of the mask and along Lilith to remove her mask and low blow Dee over and over. From there it’s pretty much over, Lilith does some belly punching, then puts the mask on and makes Dee snap her own neck. The action if quick and easy, Dee and Lilith perform great, look great and now we wait to see what Lilith will do with the power of the mask and Shaman on her side. The combination makes her literally unstoppable.

Overall Score: 8.5/10