Review of Let Her Be Limp

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Review of Cali Logan’s Fight ClubLet Her Be Limp with Skye Blue – 10 mins

“So did you get the link to the website I sent you today?” asks Cali “I did.” Skye replies. The 2 women sit at the edge of the bed, talking about their shared interest in limp play. Cali is dressed in a grey button down shirt that’s tucked into a very short red pencil skirt, sheer nude pantyhose and black high heel pumps. Skye wears a black blazer over a tight white camisole that’s tucked into a black pencil skirt and shiny black pumps. “It was so interesting. I’d love to try it someday.” Skye continues. “I totally want to play with someone completely limp.” says Cali. “Yes! I just looks so cool with all the ragdolling.” Skye replies. “Maybe I could try it out on you?” Cali asks, encouraged by the excitement in Skye’s voice. “See, I was hoping I could try it out on YOU.” Skye replies. They argue back and forth for a few moments when all of a sudden Skye reaches for something under the pillows. Cali barely has time to react before Skye quickly sends her off to dreamland and falls back onto the bed. “See, that was so much fun.” says Skye as she gets up and walks round the bed. “This is just as fun as the website.” She giggles with excitement as she lays her friend on the floor. With her arms wrapped around her chest, walking backward, she struggles, dragging her friend towards the closet. “This is so much harder than it looks.” Skye sets her down and Cali instantly flops over. She laughs to herself as she straightens out Cali’s legs, leaving her friend face-down on the floor. Her arms are stretched over her head as she’s dragged a few feet backwards. “I’ve never seen someone so out of it.” she says as she pulls the closet door wide open. She rolls her friend over onto her back. A shoe slips off as Skye manages to pick her up by the waist. “Lets get you into this closet.” she says and plops her down in the doorway. She gently rests her friends back against the door before trying to close it, but the force of her limp body makes it impossible as she falls backwards. Cali moans softly as she slowly comes to. “I can’t have you awake if this is gonna work.” says Skye, placing her in a sleeperhold and Cali is out once again. “Lets try something else.” Skye says to herself. She walks into the closet and bring out a very large, blue, heavy duty shopping bag. She manages to stuff her very limp friend into it and Cali’s head flops around as Skye tries to pick it up. Frustrated, Skye gives up and pulls the bag off her friend and looks in the closet for something better. “Perfect!” she exclaims as she comes back out with a piece of luggage. Skye empties out the luggage, spilling the contents onto the floor, and places it behind Cali as she begins to wake. “Hey, how are you feeling?” Skye asks. She kneels down before her as Cali sits up. Cali complains of a headache just before her vision once again goes black. With a smile on her face, Skye gets back to work. She flings the luggage open and tries to wiggle her friend into it but she just won’t fit. Skye gives up and pulls her out. She lays her on the floor, playing with her a bit before Cali wakes up again. “Alright, that’s enough. This isn’t a very fun game. I changed my mind.” Cali says as she slowly gets up. “I wish I never sent you that website.” stumbling slightly, her skirt wrapped around her waist. She suddenly feels a sharp pain in her neck. Sky catches her as she starts to fall over. “I need to find a good place to hide you. Maybe the trunk of my car.”  she says, placing her in an over the shoulder carry and exits the room.

This is a limp play vid with an interesting detail that I didn’t really know I’d like so much and that is trying to stuff Cali’s limp body into different things. The amazing Skye Blue is the co-star in this one and responsible for all the KOs, limp play and of course trying to stuff Cali’s limp body into different things. I love that Cali almost fits in the bag and the suitcase. She obviously fits in the walk-in closet, but they played it like she didn’t. I would have loved it even more if Cali actually was able to fit into one of those things and carried out that way. But it was so much fun watching as Skye manipulates Cali’s body, trying to pack her in, and even better that Cali’s limbs overflow, dangling freely out of these containers. I did like it a bit more when Cali had her heels on, but still great without them. I also love that Cali didn’t stay out the whole time and we got several really nice KOs to go along with all the limpness. I love Cali’s selling of the KOs and just being oh so limp for Skye to carry around. And having sexy Skye doing all the heavy lifting was nice too, she also looks so good in her outfit with the heels and everything. I did find another vids where Indica tries to stuff limp Cali into containers and I’ll be bringing that one to you guys soon.

Overall Score: 9.5/10