Review of Lesson Learned

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Review of Cali’s Customs Lesson Learned – 11 Mins

CaliCali isn’t exactly dressed to fight, wearing a short tank top, tight mini skirt, pantyhose and high heels, but she shows no fear when she’s approached by a strange man, looking to see how tough she is. The two lock up and it’s immediately clear that this guy is much stronger and better trained that Cali. Cali’s faith in herself is not shaken, at first, as she continues to fight her heart out, trying to figure out a way to best her challenger. Try as she may, her effects remain fruitless as again and again she is bested by his superior wrestling prowess. Cali is bent, twisted, punched and kicked, not to mention several low blows along the way, delivered by her male opponent, until finally a pair of pedigrees leave Cali laid out and defeated on the mats.

I really love these videos like this, Cali did one just like this before, where she’s all dolled up, but ends up in a mixed fight where she gets destroyed, (See: Cali Logan Takes a Beating). This one is more of the same, Cali is dressed very sexy, definitely not about to fight anyone, but when the challenge presents itself she is too cocky to turn it down. Big mistake as Lance completely dominates for start to finish. Cali doesn’t land a blow or gets a hold off. Lots of prostyle submission holds which Cali looks amazing in and sells excellently. A few pedigrees bring an end to Cali’s misery. I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Cali is the only one to make fights where the girls is dressed like this and gets dominated, which makes this a rare video, which makes it even cooler than just seeing Cali dominated.

Overall Score: 9/10