Review of Lesbian soldier Knockout them all!

Review of DefeatedLesbian soldier Knockout them all! (Sleepers and Neck Snaps) – 24 Mins

spiesLilith plays several different Spies in this video. Eden Mal (New gorgeous entry at Defeated) is a lesbian soldier, who needs to KO all these spies and break their necks. But, not before taking advantage of their bodies. Eden easily defeats them all, sneaking up behind them, and with sleeper holds KOs them all. Eden then loves girls, so she plays with the limp bodies of the spies, kissing them, touching their tits… before snapping their necks!!

Got more defeated action for you guys, this time with Defeated’s first ever sentry style vid, with new comer Eden and starring the lovely Lilith, as the unsuspecting guards. Really good timing for Defeated to come through with their first ever sentry demise clip. Not only have you guys been really liking this style of video, but also I’ve been asking for something more and different out of Lilith, this definitely answers the call. Lilith does a fantastic job being surprise attacked again and again, giving us some nice struggling and really nice reactions too. I don’t really love the sweat suit she starts in, but I do love watching as Eden strips Lilith out of it, then kisses and caresses her, before snapping her neck and moving on the next sentry. I also love the ponytails and the nice shots of Lilith’s slender sexy body in nothing but panties laid out on the floor. Most of the KOs are via sleeper but there is an Atemi like belly punch KO mixed in there as well. This a great new addition to the possibilities of Defeated and another great job by Lilith.

Overall Score: 9.5/10