Review of Lesbian slaughterhouse #2

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Review of Crimini ItalianiLesbian slaughterhouse #2 – 34 mins

Stella is still very angry. She is a psychopath and has decided to take out her anger on other girls. The scene starts with Stella bringing Meryl back to her house. They have met in a club, and Stella has invited Meryl back for some lesbian fun. They enter the house. They kiss and cuddle. Stella leads Meryl into the living room. She gives her a glass of wine, and they smoke and talk, touching each other all the time. When Stella is ready, she gets a stocking from behind a cushion on the sofa. She then Meryl to . (a long fight). When Meryl is, Stella drags the body away. She then goes out of the house, to look for another victim. She wants to again. She returns home some hours later. She has brought Elizabeth back with her. They too have met in a nightclub. Stella again seduces the girl. She kisses her, and sits with her on the sofa. Again they smoke. Stella watches Elizabeth as she awaits her opportunity. When she is ready, she again reaches for the stocking. She Elizabeth to with it on the sofa. (another long fight). When it is over, Stella lights another cigarette and looks down at her victim. She says she cannot wait to do it all again.

This is a part 2 of a series that I never saw part one of, but I don’t think that matter much, you can tell that it probably went a lot like this one did. I of course got this video because all the stars are some of my favorites from Defeated. The concept is simple; Stella is a killer who loves seducing other girls before strangling them. The seduction scenes here are a little long for my taste, even though they set the tone nicely, showing you how sweet and loving Stella is as she lures her victims into a false sense of security, before she attacks. The strangle scene are just the right length. Once Stella springs her trap, her victims fight hard, like their lives depended on it, or something. They both manage to break free a few times and attack Stella, almost getting the best of her, but in the end Stella regains control and finishes them off. There some nice OTT reaction as the victims meet their maker and of course great death stares too, after. I also like that both Elizabeth and Meryl managed to keep their heels on during the struggle. Not exactly a spy demise vid, but much like one when you think about Stella luring them in and the long fights to the death. I think fans of that genre will enjoy this one.

Overall Score: 9/10