Review of LEGS ONLY 2

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldLEGS ONLY 2 – 20 Mins

sayaSERENITY vs SAYA SAVAGE in a “LEGS ONLY” battle! Two of SKW’s best face each other in this special rules match… and here’s the breakdown! Round 1: the girls lock up but Saya traps Serenity in a headlock takedown that immediately turns into a brutal body scissors! Saya continues to dominate, applying a lotus lock that turns into a pelvic face crusher that knocks Serenity out! After a fake pin, Saya decides to wake Serenity up and put her out yet again… this time with a lethal reverse neckscissors (Serenity’s eyerolls are INTENSE)! Saya goes for the pin and victory pose! Round 2: Serenity manages to trap Saya in a standing neckscissors, squeezing until Saya is OUT and falls into a derri “air” KO pose. She sets Saya up and delivers a barrage of kicks to the face, finishing her with a final front kick that sends Saya flying. She tries to sit up but can only roll her eyes and pass out…but Serenity isn’t done yet. She applies a finishing foot smother that puts Saya out! Round 3: The girls nail a double face kick that leads to a double KO, but Serenity manages to rally and apply a brutal reverse neckscissors that turns into a figure 4 neckscissors KO! She goes for the pin but Saya kicks out and sweeps her feet. Saya takes control with a seated double carotid bare foot press, slowly rendering Serenity unconscious with her soles. She adds insult to injury, applying a seated foot chokeout, using Serenity’s arms to put the girl out! Serenity’s tongue sticks out as her eyes roll… seconds before passing out yet again! At this point Saya takes COMPLETE control: applying a face first neckscissors KO with multiple pelvic drops/neckbreakers. Serenity is COMPLETELY out and ripe for a final humiliating foot on face victory pose and pin from Saya…

Got another review here brought to you by request. I like the legs only rules, as it brings a reasons for a few different moves and a different style that we don’t get too often at SKW, lots of scissors and fun ways to choke their opponent out with their feet. Serenity is the star of this one, as her eyerolling, twitching and general selling is very good, it also helps that she is one the losing side for the vast majority of this one. Now, don’t get me wrong, Saya isn’t an SKW favorite for no reason, she also does great for her losing parts, but in this case I was glad that she won. There’s also some good foot in the face humiliation that both girls have to suffer through. It did kind of blow up in Serenity’s face, but that was a good thing for us. Serenity gave us a lot of good action during her visit and really hope she gets the chance to come back again soon.

Overall Score: 8.5/10