Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldLEGENDS: SUMIKO vs JORDYNNE GRACE – 16 mins

After TONS of requests to see these two amazing wrestlers face off on the mats in a pro style duel, we’ve decide it to make it happen…and OH MAN what a match it is!!! We fade in on Sumiko and Jordynne ready to tangle, with Sumiko offering a handshake before they begin…one that Jordynne happily shakes.  They lock up and deliver some excellent chain wrestling, but Jordynne nails an early lead with a sudden REVERSE DDT KO.  She goes for the pin but Sumiko kicks out.  She works Sumiko over with knees to the gut, belly punching, and a standing wall choke but Sumiko sweeps Jordynne down to the mats, applying a brutal ankle lock!  She DDTs Jordynne’s foot to the mats, and takes over with some knees to the belly, a body slam, multiple leg drops until Jordynne is barely conscious, and a failed pin attempt. Sumiko continues her attacks, delivering back to back DROPKICKS that send Jordynne crashing into the wall, but Jordynne dodges the last one!   Sumiko is down and Jordynne attacks, punishing her with a torture rack, a MEXICAN CEILING HOLD/sleeper KO, and a failed pin.  Jordynne attacks with a massive back drop, but when she goes for a second one Sumiko reverses with several elbows and then nails her first ever SLICED BREAD finisher, climbing up the WALL and flying in a huge BACKFLIP DDT-STYLE DROP that floors Jordynne! Sumiko almost gets the pin but Jordynne barely kicks out.  Frustrated, Sumiko continues her attacks, nailing a perfect flying neckscissors HURICANRANA take down, a three back to back SWING OUT DDTs that leave Jordynne out cold!  Sumiko still can’t get the pin, however, and Jordynne delivers a low blow that turns the tide!   She attacks Sumiko, wearing her down with a massive groin stomp, a huge power slam KO, stalling suplex, and several failed pin attempts.  Jordynne attacks with a sleeper hold KO, hoping for a victory but Sumiko raises her shoulder milliseconds before the pin can be made.  Jordynne applies a brutal torture rack but Sumiko turns it into a sudden pin attempt.  Stunned, Jordynne kicks out and gets taken down by several clotheslines.  Sumiko nails an X-Factor KO, a super stunner KO, an EAT DEFEAT KO, a brutal PILEDRIVER KO, and an astounding TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER KO on Jordynne! Satisfied, Sumiko goes for the pin but Jordynne lifts her shoulder at the last second!  She delivers kicks to the pro superstar’s chest but Jordynne catches her leg and lifts her up for a sudden and powerful POWER BOMB KO!   Exhausted, Jordynne goes for the cover but the Little Dragon kicks out!!! Both ladies are barely conscious at this point, but Sumiko manages to belly punch her way into a position of control.  She locks Jordynne in and delivers a brutal KILL SWITCH KO!!!! Sumiko goes for a final cartwheel splash that saps all the fight (and consciousness) from Jordynne, getting her pin with a Spanish Press pin!!! A stunned SK announces her as the winner as we see Sumiko go for the victory pose.  She then wakes a groggy Jordynne up and helps her out of the room, respecting her opponent’s skill as the screen fades to black.

This is easily one of the most impressive skill based, or move based videos I’ve ever seen. I think it’s fair to say this competes with something you would see on TV. Jordynne and Sumiko are aces and together can pull off some amazing high impact moves. This really shows how crazy things can get with both performers are highly skilled. There’s no denying the overflowing amount of talent these two amazing ladies have, however, even though it is still super crazy to see Sumiko piledrive someone much larger than her, I really would have loved this one a lot more if Sumiko lost. I’m not even saying a squash match, because the back and forth nature of this one, with all the near falls, exhaustion and desperation are more than half the fun, but Sumiko is just the better jobber and is much smaller than Jordynne and I just would have been happier if Jordynne came out on top. I know, I know, upset victories, David over Goliath and all that, I get it, that’s great for TV, but here I want jobbers to be jobbers and heels to be heels. That being said, this is still one of the most exciting and just down right impressive matches in SKW history.

Overall Score: 9/10