Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldLEARNING TO COUNT – 14 Mins

anneOne of the most action-packed (and hilarious) SKW releases to date! We fade in on the lovely Anne-Marie, acting as referee in a pro style battle between SINN SAGE and JORDYNNE GRACE!  The rules are simple:  first wrestler to score a 5 count pin wins, but due to some unforeseen accidents that render the lovely young ref unconscious, neither wrestler gets the pin count she wants!   After multiple incidents that leave Anne-Marie dazed and/or out cold, the wrestlers decide to take their frustrations out on her!!!   What follows is a 2 on 1 squash that leaves Anne-Marie down and out for at LEAST a few days…with Jordynne and Sinn calling a temporary truce after they’re done!!

My beloved Anne-Marie has found yet another amazing way to lose, this time not even supposed to be a part of the match, but as the referee. I got to say, I was so drawn into the comedic ways that Anne got accidently knocked down and out, that the first time watching this I didn’t even notice how good of a match Sinn and Jordynne where having. They were really throwing down some great action, but Anne getting in the way, getting knocked silly so that she couldn’t make the count and the eventual two on one beat down definitely steals the show. And what a 2 on 1 beatdown it was too, Jordynne and Sinn take turns dropping Anne in huge power moves that have Anne out cold and twitching again and again. So, with this we get some great back and forth action, disrupted by Anne getting in the way, knocked silly, KO’d and then on the receiving end of a massive 2 on 1 beatdown. Overall a great time for us, but a not so great time for Anne-Marie.

Overall Score: 9.5/10