Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldLEARNING TO COUNT 2 – 20 mins

What happens when you have Nyssa Nevers taking on Sapphire with Sumiko stepping up to serve as referee?  A comedy of errors that you would never expect in this continuation of the Learning to Count Series! We fade in on Sumiko setting up a pro style title match between Nyssa and Sapphire where the first lady to get a ten count pin will win the match.   However, things start to go very wrong for the lovely Sumiko right from the start and time after time SHE is the one knocked out cold and unable to properly establish either of the actual combatants as the winner.  After multiple instances where either lady could have won the match had Sumiko simply been able to do her job, the frustrated ladies take their wrath out on the dazed and confused referee! Nyssa and Sapphire call a temporary truce and put Sumiko through a two-on-one ringer that leaves her a broken heap.  However there is a still a final wild card to be played as one of these wrestlers isn’t going to let their truce last to the end of the video!!!

This is something that I could really see being another of my favorite series. I love the whole, referee is always in the wrong place at the wrong time and is constantly get knocked out in very funny ways thing. The first one of these with Anne-Marie was amazing and no better way to kick off a series than having Sumiko and Anne-Marie star in the first two episodes. Sumiko’s fate is very much the same as Anne’s was. She is trying her best to do her job as referee, but is constantly in the wrong place and gets accidently KO’d again and again. It’s also so much fun watching Sumiko accidently getting knocked out again and again that I don’t even notice that Sapphire and Nyssa are actually having a pretty good match as well, but I think we’re supposed to be paying more attention to Sumiko. Sapphire and Nyssa also have some very funny reactions to Sumiko somehow being KO’d again when they’re trying to go for the win. And of course the best part is when they’ve had enough fighting each other and decide to team up and destroy Sumiko. As always Sumiko’s selling is fantastic, she’s looks amazing and the moves used were pretty great too. I am always looking forward to Sumiko getting dominated. There’s also a nice unexpected turn of events at the very end, but then again, it is Sapphire, so it’s really not that unexpected. Overall, this is a very fun idea, with pretty much unlimited possibilities, because anyone can play the ref and any can play the two combatants, so I definitely hope to see more in this series, hopefully soon.

Overall Score: 9.5/10