Review of Learning The Hard Way

Review of Velvets FantasiesLearning The Hard Way – 17 mins

We fade in on college professor Mister Brooks (played by SK) grading a terrifyingly bad test when the student who took it (the stunning Coco) waltzes in, wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit and tempting her professor with a wild night at her place in exchange for an A+.  Coco whispers sweet nothings in his ear, but when he accepts she reveals her phone, which had been recording the entire conversation.  Enraged at the idea of being blackmailed, Mister Brooks tries to take the phone from Coco, but she puts up her fists and offers to beat the crap out of him instead.  Brooks warns her, putting his own dukes up as the devious Coco laughs at him.  He strikes and she catches his blow, pounding his face with her fists and going for a choke hold.  Unbeknownst to her, Mister Brooks is well-versed in martial arts and he reverses her choke, slamming his fist into her face and knocking her senseless seconds before starting one of the most humiliating and one-sided lessons anyone’s had to endure!  Coco takes blows to the body/face, multiple KOs, humiliating body poses, a strip down, and more…with Mister Brooks taking his time and relishing his vengeance.  After a few embarrassing shots get uploaded to the world wide web, the pugilistic professor knocks Coco out for the last time and carries her off to that wild weekend she’d initially promised!!!

This one almost slipped through the cracks, but luckily I have you guys to help me keep track of these things. Another amazing Coco vid from Ms. Velvets and this time we have SK helping put Coco to sleep for us. This one is a bit more of an SKW video then a Velvets one and I say that only because this was a fight, of course a mostly one sided fight, filled with punches, kicks, low blows, but OTT reactions near the end. When’s the last time we got a Velvets video with twitching and drooling? I’m not complaining, just saying.  There’s also some nice added humiliation along the way, as well. Speaking of humiliation, this one has one of my favorite examples of humiliation, and that is knocking someone out and then talking humiliating pictures of them. And, as I mentioned this was a fight, so Coco gets to sell her great dazed reactions, a lot, which is always awesome to see and we get several great KOs too. I loved the school girl outfit and love that the shoes don’t come off in this one, until the very end. There’s plenty of barefoot vids with Coco, so it’s good to see the shoes stick around every once in a while. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll never find something Coco doesn’t look amazing in, aside from a karate GI or something that covers every detail of her amazing body, but lucky for us this sexy school girl outfit really doesn’t cover much at all. Overall, this is just more amazing Coco action as she again makes pure magic with Ms. Velvets. I really look forward to Coco videos like I do Sumiko vids, she is just that good. And I know there’s a newer Coco vid from Jacquelyn out already, believe me, I’ll be getting that one next.

Overall score: 10/10