Review of LeAnn’s Surprise

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLeAnn’s Surprise – 17 Mins

LeAnnAs this custom video begins we find Becca and her friend Peyton sitting on the edge of the ring. Peyton is there to watch Becca in action, unsure of what she’s about to see. But Becca reassures her that it’ll be fun … as she twirls a pair of handcuffs on her finger! LeAnn enters dressed in her street clothes and asks Becca if she’s her opponent for the “fisticuffs” match. Becca explains that there was some confusion and the match is actually a “fists or cuffs” match and proceeds to kick LeAnn between her legs! A quick toss into the ring gets this match underway as a rather shocked Peyton watches from ringside. Becca strips LeAnn down to her tiny bikini then puts the hand cuffs on her to keep her helpless. From this point on it’s a complete domination match with LeAnn receiving tons of punches and low blows. Becca is relentless in her destruction of the busty brunette, even pulling her crotch into the ring post! We also watch Peyton go from shock to curiosity as she watches her friend beat on LeAnn. Becca decides to let Peyton in on the fun and the two girls proceed to stretch LeAnn’s legs in splits, claw her thighs, punch her soft belly, and stomp her between the legs! Poor LeAnn is finally put in the corner where she’s positioned on the ropes with her legs tied in place by her own socks. Peyton and Becca give her a final low blow and leave her there to sob in pain.

I didn’t get the big KO ending I originally hoped for out of this one, but sometimes just the one sided and merciless destruction of LeAnn is enough to make a video great. I love the play on the word fisticuffs that sets up this video and has LeAnn handcuffed throughout the entire match. I love the helplessness that causes, as she has no way to defend herself and if that’s not enough, Peyton later joins in. Peyton, who seemed to be a little put off by the brutality, is quickly having just as much fun as Becca is, beating down on the defenseless LeAnn. Also loved the countless dirty low blows, the dozens of punches to the face and body and the tag team moves used to bring even more pain to LeAnn. So, KOs or not, I do love the brutal one sided destruction that Becca and later to join in on the action, Peyton put on the gorgeous LeAnn

Overall Score: 9/10