Review of LeAnn’s Handicap Match

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLeAnn’s Handicap Match – 15.5 Mins

TeamWhy would LeAnn agree to a handicap match against Mystique and Becca? We don’t really know … but it makes for a SWEET double teaming beat down of our hot California beach beauty! The match begins with LeAnn flying through the curtain and full of fight as Mystique and Becca are in hot pursuit. LeAnn puts up a quick struggle, actually fighting off both girls and seeming to be in control. But the tables are quickly turned and the busty beauty is thrown into the ring where the fun begins … for Mystique and Becca! LeAnn gets tossed from corner to corner as her nasty opponents play a game of “snap mare catch”. Then they begin the double team destruction. Becca applies a camel clutch while Mystique stomps and grinds on her bare feet. Then the girls take turns squeezing LeAnn in a reverse head scissors while the other stomps and punches her belly! They apply a double boston crab while yanking on poor LeAnn’s hair, hang her upside down in the corner while they foot choke her and pound her body, Mystique does a hair standing arm pull while Becca grinds and stomps LeAnn’s feet, they wrap her hair in the ropes and do a double foot choke, and they trap her arms in the ropes and smash low blows into her. There are numerous other destructive moves done to the poor beauty until they finally bring her to the brink of unconsciousness with a double leg pull/crotch destruction on the ring post. Poor LeAnn is finally taken out with a double atomic drop and falls unconscious to the mat where Becca and Mystique celebrate with a double school girl pin and victory pose. You might want to turn the volume down on your viewing device because the screams of pain from LeAnn might wake the neighbors!

As if Mystique needs any help beating up LeAnn? Well, need it or not, she’s got it as Becca and Mystique team up and ruthlessly dominate LeAnn. LeAnn did try to fight back in the beginning, but is easily over powered and is soon completely helpless. I love LeAnn as a jobber, as I’m sure I’ve said in the past, because she’s another one of FWR great talent. LeAnn sells great and looks even better, in that little bikini. The tag moves they use on poor LeAnn are great, mean, dirty and pretty creative at times, although mostly dirty, as they take turns stomping on her toes and delivering plenty of low blows. I also did get the KO at the end I always hope for and a nice session of victory poses too. I definitely love how one sided this was, love how great LeAnn was, how mean and dirty Becca and Mystique were and of course, that it ended with a nice KO. Wouldn’t mind more like this.

Overall Score: 9/10