Review of LeAnn’s Big Mistake

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLeAnn’s Big Mistake – 30.5 Mins

MadisonLeAnn is tired of losing so many matches and decides to spike Madison’s coffee prior to their upcoming wrestling match. Unfortunately, LeAnn doesn’t realize that her opponent is spying on her through the curtain and sees what she’s doing! Madison pretends to have drunk the coffee and when this multi fall, 30 minute time limit match begins, the girl acts as if she’s been affected by the drug. LeAnn confidently attacks her rival and gets her down into a grapevine pin … only to suddenly find herself on her back as Madison comes to life and reverses the hold! In the next fall, Madison plays with LeAnn and allows her to apply a sneak attack camel clutch but quickly reverses it on the surprised beauty. For the next eight falls Madison totally dominates LeAnn with hammerlocks, a surfboard, a knockout figure four head scissors, leg locks, a Boston crab, and an arm bar. Each submission round ends with LeAnn being forced to raise Madison’s arm in victory while announcing the score. You’ll also love the ending when Madison forces the humiliated LeAnn into several sexy pins then forces her to admit her total defeat!

Here is a great twist to the drugged drink/cheat to win idea and I love the Madison played into it acting like she was drugged for a little bit, just for fool LeAnn, then dominating her from beginning to end. I love that LeAnn kept trying to attack Madison, hope she would get weak soon, but she’s just able to power out of everything. I definitely love that there’s a really great KO right in the middle of this one. You guys know I live for KOs and there should be at least in ever vid, this vid has big check mark in that box. Another really cool thing about this one is all the pins that Madison did to LeAnn at the end, really rubbing in her victory. This was another great performance by LeAnn and Madison, really enjoyed this one. I would love something like this happen to that cheating Sparrow.

Overall Score: 9/10