Review of LeAnn vs Kat: Bed Battle

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLeAnn vs Kat: Bed Battle – 14.5 Mins

leannThis creative custom video idea was sent to us by a person who enjoyed the bedroom battle between LeAnn and Kat called “The Hottest Brunette”. He wanted us to film a rematch … with a special twist. After a one sided bed battle filled with head scissors, school girl pins, a camel clutch, and a figure four leg lock, Kat applies a laid out sleeper hold on LeAnn. As LeAnn goes unconscious we hear her “inner thoughts” in the background (“She’s got me! I’m going out!”). When she’s finally knocked out Kat continues to hold her while the camera man checks her eyes, hands, and bare feet to makes sure she’s completely out. The final 10 count is done by the camera man as he grabs each of LeAnn’s bare toes to count her out. And for those of you who prefer to see LeAnn win we’ve included an alternate ending with LeAnn putting Kat out with the sleeper hold. We hear Kat’s “inner thoughts” and see her getting checked and counted out by the toes. It’s unique and, yes, kinda hot!

This is an interesting way to change things up a little bit. It’s actually a pretty normal bad battle, that is right up until the KO, with a quick “inner thoughts” from LeAnn, then having Rick go around checking her eyes, hands, feet, and finally using her toes to count her out “this little piggy” style, which is the most unique part of it all. Quite frankly, I like it. I’m not the biggest feet fan, but it came off kind of silly to me and I feel like Rick had a big grin on his face too while doing it, trying not to laugh, which I guess is what made it feel fun. That match itself is good, nothing too crazy or unique about that, but both Kat and LeAnn did a good job selling, struggling and looking damn good while doing it too. I would have liked to see a little mild twitching added in (shocking, I know) with the long held sleepers, it would fit seeing how the sleepers are held so long after the KO, but that’s it. A cool little bed battle vid and I’m happy that both ladies got a chance to be on the losing side too.

Overall Score: 9/10