Review of Lauren’s Karate POV

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Review of Hit The Mat Lauren’s Karate POV – 8 Mins

LaurenLauren Phillips is back in the ring, this time to showcase her karate skills. Or… lack thereof! While she has some impressive flexibility, right away it’s clear her karate fighting skills aren’t quite up to par. Her karate gi top comes open and exposes her bare breast, then once she gets up she starts showcasing her kicking skills. Her karate kicks are a bit more impressive than her punches, and she even gets you down. But her overconfidence leaves her vulnerable, and she even takes some kicks herself, and a stomp or two to the crotch! Lauren tries to put up a fight but is ultimately defeated and exposed.

I really liked Lauren in her match vs Rusty, so as soon I saw she was in another losing battle I had to grab it. She puts a little more fight then she did against Rusty, knocking you down twice and talking trash, but she ends up out cold in the end. You guys may know, I’m not the biggest fan of the karate gi, but in the case, not only is it open for half the battle, but she’s also only wearing booty shorts. So, it’s still not a great outfit, but it’s the best karate gi outfit I’ve seen. Lauren still does a great job selling, getting knocked all around the ring and looking great. She has a very expensive face and that really adds to her performance. I really like Lauren so far and I will be looking forward to when she loses next.

Overall score: 8.5/10