Review of Lauren vs Rusty II

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Review of Hit the MatLauren vs Rusty II (The Rematch) – 24 mins

Lauren wanted a rematch with Rusty, now she’s going to get it! Will she get the revenge she’s dreamed of, or will it turn in to a nightmare?

This is one video where the people over at Hit the Mat really had some fun with. There’s a bunch of little jokes and surprises that I purposely left out because they were just too good to give away here and the surprises are half the fun. So if you want go get in on the joke, you’re just going to have to buy this one. There is indeed a boxing match where things go mostly as expected, which is Lauren being dominated by Rusty. A couple of nice KOs that have Lauren stripping after each one until she’s naked and the post-match human punching bag punishment. Of course it’s always great to see Lauren naked and dominated as she always gives great reactions and looks amazing. Some things great really crazy near the end, but again, you got buy this one to get the whole story. I definitely got to tip my hat the HTM for making a vid like this, not only for the expected content but all the fun stuff they put in as well. I enjoyed the hell out of this one and hope they get the chance to add some fun jokes to more videos in the future.

Overall Score: 9/10