Review of Lauren Phillips POV Boxing

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Review of Hit the MatLauren Phillips POV Boxing – 19 Mins

laurenA POV Boxing custom “prequel” featuring Lauren Phillips in her first mixed boxing match. Lauren’s tough, statuesque amazon, so it’s going to take two gloves to take her on! Wearing only a small black thong and her boxing gloves, Lauren starts off well with sharp, stinging punches, but her large bare breasts and bare belly are inviting targets. The first round Lauren is able to get back in the fight despite getting worked a bit, but the rest of the match she isn’t so lucky. Lauren is worn down with punches to the nose, chin, belly and LOTS of punches to her breasts! Tit punching fans will love this one. Lauren is knocked around the ring until she is knocked right out.

So this I apparently a match that went down before all the other Lauren vids we have out now. Doesn’t really matter when this match happened, all that matter is that Laruen is wearing almost nothing and gets defeated in another boxing battle.  The highlight of this one is that Darrius gets to use both hands in this match, which means lots of punches in bunches and that’s pretty rare for POV vids. I definitely enjoyed the faster rate of punches and all the flurries, two hands are definitely better than one. Lauren is great, super easy on the easy, as we all already know and she does some good selling, especially near the end, getting pretty dizzy, with a few good knock downs and a great final KO. Also really great expressions too, which are great for these POV matches. Lauren’s got the look, in every way and I love seeing her in these loosing battles. Hopefully we’ll see her losing again soon.

Overall Score: 9/10