Review of Lauren Learns to Wrestle

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsLauren Learns to Wrestle – 12 Mins

MadisonMadison is catching a pre-match nap in the FWR dressing room when suddenly Lauren, a brand new fem, bursts into the room jarring Madison from her slumber. Lauren is so excited to learn to wrestle that she’s shown up an hour early for their match. Madison is not thrilled about being woken up so early and angrily drags the young girl into the ring for a little lesson in wrestling! Once in the ring Madison orders the newbie to stand her corner, giving the match an official start. Lauren doesn’t looks so excited any more, knowing she’s in over her head. From this point forward Madison is in complete control over her rookie opponent, easily dominating her. Madison’s dominance consists of a side head lock, a fireman’s carry, a torture rack, a camel clutch, several variations of head scissors, and body scissors and of course, Madison’s deadly reverse figure four head scissors! Tiny Lauren struggles and begs for mercy but finally gets knocked out. Lauren may not have learned to wrestle, but she definitely learned never to wake Madison from her nap.

Another one when the new girl gets herself in big trouble. This time a little more innocently then, say Monroe did, but it still ends up being the rookie getting dominated by the experienced, which is always a good time, because I love squashes. Madison easily whips the mats with new girl Lauren, showing off some of her power along the way, lifting Lauren up on her shoulders like nothing. Madison then uses a handful of scissor variations that all have Lauren trapped and helpless. Lauren is brand new to wrestling and a little of her nervousness/newness shows, but she still does a really nice job selling this. A very pretty girl, nice eyes too. She needs to keep her eyes open a little more, but that will come with experience. She also seems like she might be a little flexible, which is always comes in handy. I think she’ll fit in quite nicely at FWR, hope to see her again soon. Also, I really like the intro of this video. I always like to see new reasons for a fights to start and this is definitely one that I never saw coming, or would have thought of on my own. So kudos to who ever thought of that.

Overall Score: 8.5/10