Review of Kymberly Jane vs Rusty Boxing

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Review of Hit the MatKymberly Jane vs Rusty Boxing – 18 Mins

Topless and in a tiny thong, Kymberly Jane is pissed that she lost a quick scrap with Darrius. She thinks she’s going to take her frustrations out on Kay, and is talking loads of trash.  Unfortunately Kym doesn’t realize that her opponent is actually Rusty, nor has she heard of his reputation, and finds out the hard way this won’t be an easy fight.  Kym, seeing that she’s completely outclassed, does the unprecedented and throws in the towel!  Too bad that’s not the end for Kym though, the fight restarts and Kym gets her ass kicked despite her swinging wildly and attempts at dirty tricks. Kym plays the damsel in distress to the nines as she is dominated and ultimately knocked out.  Kym’s natural boobs get quite the work over!

This has got to be the silliest Rusty match ever and anyone who knows Kym shouldn’t be too shocked by that as she’s known for being really fun and crazy. So Kym thinks she’s supposed to be facing some male jobber (whatever kind of oxymoron a male jobber is supposed to be) and she quickly finds out that is not who she’s in the ring with. After a few wild punches, not even in the same hemisphere as her intended target, and a few gentle punches from Rusty, Kym literally throws the towel in on herself, then lays on the ground and counts herself out. Unfortunately that’s not going to work for Rusty. Kym reluctantly gets up and starts the fight again. Kym is so all over the place with her punches and reactions I think she actually exhausted herself well before she supposed to be exhausted from the boxing itself. You can even see Rusty a few times not even having to dodge her punches they’re so off target and just watching Kym continues the flail and spin around the ring. Eventually Rusty just puts her lights out with a massive uppercut, but not before a bunch of knockdowns. Then Kym is treated to a little human punching bag action to top things off. Overall it’s a very fun and silly video and Kym still sells the beat down well even with all her silly antics.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

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  1. Profile photo of redmanx redmanx says:

    Kymberly Jane is my favourite jobber, she sells her defeats, and there are, many, many of them, with a style all her own, her sexy body wilting and sagging beneath waves of punches she has little or no defence for! Then there’s her voice, hoarse, hot and sexy at the best of times, but when she’s suffering its a symphony of pain, anguish and despair! The pics here are awesome, with plenty of punches pounding Kyms lovely, natural breasts, the pain showing in her lovely, expressive face and eyes; but to fully appreciate Kymberly in full jobber mode,you have to see and hear her clips and movies!

  2. Profile photo of DV DV says:

    I always love Kym. She has such an expressive face that aids in her selling, and I like that little squeal she gets in her voice when she’s getting hurt. Her character work was great in this one too; her brattiness really made you want to see her get beat up all the more. And of course her breasts and ass look amazing as ever. Watching her get worked over on the bag at the end was a great bonus for sure!

    HTM recently put up a POV with her – she holds her own for awhile but ends up going down in defeat, and gets stripped naked along the way. It’s also worth checking out.

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