Review of Kovid KO’s

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsKovid KO’s – 10 mins

Our video opens on a pair of face masks and a bottle of “sleepy gas”. A hand reaches out and applies the potion to each mask. Fade out, then fade in to Lo and Violet entering the ring for a wrestling match. They see the two masks and a note: “Due to the current conditions, FWR asks that all models wear masks.” The girls shrug their shoulders, put on the masks and lock up in the ring. Let the fun begin! We’re treated to tons of eye rolling, body twitching knockouts and body piles as the bikini clad beauties fight each other. You’ll see a double knockout with body pile, a straight head scissor knockout, a frying pan to the head knockout with birdy sounds and swirling stars, and a reverse figure four head scissor knockout. Lo finally realizes that they’ve been tricked and you become part of the action in a great POV ending! Don’t miss this video!!!

It’s so good to see FWR back in action. I know just about everyone shut down production to keep as many people safe during this global pandemic, but I know for a fact that Rick will do everything he can to keep the girls safe and I am just overjoyed to see some new content from them. This is also one of the best ways to see FWR return, with Rick’s witty humor on display. I love that they’ve implemented facemasks to deliver us with some silly and OTT KOs. It really put a great big smile on my face. Not only did I love the OTT KOs, but I also loved seeing them from Lo and Violet. Violet is already on my favorites lists, she is freaking adorable and has some really excellent eye reactions, which you will see in this video. And Lo is definitely on her way to my favorites list too, as the more I get to see her jobber skills on display, the more love her. I also love this ending, where the girls figure out that the masks are the cause of their uncontrollable unconsciousness and then turn on Rick, but Lo can’t help but take advantage of Violet having her back turned and in the end they all end up KO’d anyway. It’s great to see FWR back in action with something OTT right away and it’s great to see some of Rick’s classic humor.

Overall Score: 9.9/10