Review of KO’ed & Carried

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsKO’ed & Carried- 11 mins

We join sweet little Persephone in the ring as she puts out a challenge to all the female wrestlers. “I’m the toughest girl here! Any takers?” she calls out. Suddenly, a tall, powerful woman rises behind her and grips Persephone’s head with her hands. Persephone’s eyes cross from the pressure of the head vice and out she goes! Amazon Annie rolls the unconscious cutie over her shoulder and does a muscle pose. The remainder of the video contains knockouts by a temple drill, a hand smother while holding Persephone up by the hair, a fireman’s carry with power squeeze KO after Persephone tries a piggyback sleeper hold, a black jack blow to the head, a speedbag facial, a tazer applied to the little girl’s butt, and a sleeper hold over the ropes. All of these knockouts feature close-ups of sweet Persephone’s face as her eyes cross and she slips into la-la-land. Each knockout also ends in an over the shoulder carry by Amazon Annie. You’ll love this sweet knockout video!

Here’s a video that I knew I was going to love the moment I knew it was a thing. As most of you guys know I have just been loving Persephone ever since her debut at FWR and I just love seeing her lose. So this was a match made in heaven as we see Persephone bragging about being the best before Annie shows up and literally crushes her. I love that all the KOs where done in quick and easy scenes, giving us lots of KOs for a shorter vid. I also love all the close ups of Persephone’s face as Annie puts her out. I’m not the biggest fan of carries, especially with them all being over the shoulder carries, but at least Persephone was unconscious for all those carries. I even got some twitching from the tazer KO and that twitching continued throughout the carry as well, which I just loved, of course. I just love unfair/one sided squashes and this was a wonderful highlight style clip with awesome KOs from an obvious favorite of mine.

Overall Score: 9.9/10